Just a little Note I was inspired to write today...

Dear Dj's, Producers, Engineers, Management and ARTIST, 

Thank you for this opportunity by taking the time out and reading this..

The one thing I would love it is if you could help with encouraging the artist or management who circulate their MP3s to PLEASE, Please, please!!! ENCODE the MP3 files properly.

We here at #TWO22 Radio stream mainly online via Shoutcast and mobilely thru our Google and iOS apps. Songs that are encoded with missing information or incorrectly have caused our server to crash and also unfortunately for the artist display "unknown" or unknown track, sometimes displaying only a track # which is, for the listener and myself frustrating when it comes to figuring out who sings what song that is being played at that moment. 

I personally have run my own internet campaigns encouraging artist to encode or just make sure their music files are labeled properly.. however it is....Still happening. 

We depend heavily on new music... Mainly working directly with independent and unsigned artists, primarily they are the main one's unknowingly submitting these songs.

Thanks again for this opportunity.

Shannon Starr @isgangster

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