Artist NEW MP3 & VIDEO information!!!

Artist let's get your newly released music and other music that is still hot with your fans onto TWO22Radio!!!

We stream non-stop (Commercial Free) 100% Uncensored Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B via our #TWO22 Andriod app and iOS app as well as thru iTunes Broadcast Radio, TunedIn, Facebook and directly on our Website.

We have been supporting unsigned artist for over 20 years and broadcasting for 7 years by providing independent artist the opportunity to have their music placed in rotation and heard worldwide!

We feature the rawest and freshest independent and unsigned artist along with the newest release from mainstream artist.

Submissions are accepted via email.

-MP3 files Mastered preferred.
Unmastered, rough edits can be put into rotation as long as the music files are properly labeled with artist and song title. (IF THE LISTENERS VOTE IT OFF THEN IT WILL BE BOOTED AND YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED) #ThaTruth ...can you handle it?!
#Submissions sent untitled or labeled (ie. Track 1) will be rejected and you will need to make the proper edits before being considered for rotation on TWO22 Radio. It really doesnt help get your name out there on the world wide web and it stresses out the LISTENERS leaving them wondering who the artist is that they are listening to on TWO22 and remember they might be hearing you for the first time!!

-HQ Videos are now being accepted for consideration for new TWO22 unsigned independent artist music video showcase. #TWO22tv

-Links to all artist Networks

Thank you for you supportand keep your musical dreams alive!!!

Keep in touch and hope to network with you soon!

Ms. S.Wonderful Starr
CEO of TWO22RADIO; WonderfulEnteraintent, LLC

Submit music, videos and artist network information to

Fans & Artist be sure to tell everyone you know about #TWO22
Let's all network and support each other!!  🎶👫🌍🎶👭🌎👬🎶🌏👫🎼

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